Throughout the history of Niscon we have had a mission to share our passion of theatre and motion control.  Our team’s core focus is to develop control solutions that can connect to any mechanical device that you can dream of.  Check out our list of partners who have already chosen Raynok as their control solution.


The year 2000 didn’t only bring with it the mass fear of the Y2K bug, it also brought the untimely closing of a Theatrical Scenery and Automation shop in Ontario.  Customers and users of the equipment this company produced were suddenly left without support to keep their systems operational.  This presented a sound opportunity for founders Joseph Jeremy and Peter Sinkner to form Niscon.

Jeremy and Sinkner had the passion and the commitment to ensure that productions and audiences would be able to continue to enjoy uninterrupted performances from NY to Toronto.  From a small office they planned the growth of Niscon, the development of Raynok and a business plan to provide outstanding service with the best motion control system on the Entertainment Market.  On January 26, 2001 Niscon was born.

It took another 14 months before Raynok was developed and released.  Those early years were fun and exciting.  Long days and longer nights with travel to Montreal, New York, Denver, Tijuana and Las Vegas.  Early Raynok believers included ABC Studios, Mirvish Productions, CAST Group, GALA Systems, CBC Studios, and Showman Fabricators.

Riding on a string of successful projects, Niscon began to grow and grow it did.  The small office became a proper commercial address with additional staff and the discovery of Don Allen who would become as integral to Raynok as the founding partners.  Raynok became more and more recognizable in the market and caught the attention of JR Clancy who, in 2013, adopted Raynok as their software platform for the future.

Skip ahead a few years, add in a mix of industry change and the acquisition of the competition by investors and Niscon became the apple in the eye of many.  It so caught the direct attention of Show Distribution and in 2014 Niscon became a part of the Show Distribution Group.  Under the guidance of Denis Lefrancois, Niscon has grown in strength and depth and continues to strive for quality and outstanding support.


At Niscon our key mission is to see our project partners realize successful projects by producing reliable products that inspire the creative team to go further and turn what dwells in their imaginations into an onstage reality.

All users, regardless of size or number of users, receive the same commitment to support.  Our technicians are available 24/7/365 to take the call that keeps you in motion.

Adopt Raynok for your venue, machinery or next project and become a part of a growing network of satisfied users.


Where does a company come from?  How does one grow?  What does it take to maintain quality?  Where do you go when you seek diversity in ideas, culture and experience?

The answer to the first question is the basis that attracts the answer to the second.  The inspiration for a company comes from the wishes and dreams of an entrepreneur.  The answer to the second is about the people that the company attracts.

Niscon was started by two entrepreneurs but it is the people that carry on the mission and create the passion that make Niscon and Raynok what it is.  It is to those people that the founding partners and the management board applaud.


So, you’ve made it to the bottom of the page.  Did you enjoy reading about Raynok and Niscon?  We hope so.  But what about this passion thing.  What is that all about?  Is this going to be more about the company and products?


While a company can have life in the eyes of the law it can’t have passion on its own.  The PASSION comes from the people within.

So what are the people of Niscon passionate about?

  • Family – It is for our families that we work. We work for a living to fulfill them rather than living for the purpose of work. From first birthdays to scraped knees to caring for our family elders, we want to work safe, stay safe and be there for them when they are in need.  When the houselights go up at the end of a memorable performance, those are the faces we want to see.
  • Education – To learn something new in your everyday life is a gift. Whether it is developing skills in house, taking an accredited training course, returning to school to improve skills or working as one of our interns.  Education is personal growth.
  • Cycling – Getting to and from work can be half the fun when you commute with friends and share your cycling achievements. This passion has become a way to share and to give back to our community through the Raynok Road Raiders
  • Running – There are fewer of us that run and we may not put in the 30,000kms plus annually that the cyclists can, but it keeps us focused and we swap the rubber on the wheels for rubber on the shoe to be a part of Raynok Road Raiders
  • Hockey – We’re Canadian, EH.
  • We’re all Control Freq’s in the end – There it is. The final passion.  The thing that drives us to do what we do.  When all is said and done we build a Control Solution, no matter what the name.  It controls the machinery that makes the magic that audiences anticipate every night.  It is that control, the Freq-y part, which gives us the lump-in-your-through-heart-pounding feeling the moment the curtain rises.